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Elrom provides audiences with the means to understand every facet of a program by offering high-quality captions, subtitles and voice-over dubs.

With nearly two decades at the forefront of the media and entertainment industry, Elrom has developed the expertise to provide unsurpassed media services for nearly any type of project. Our mission is to help bridge languages and cultures, changing the world into a friendlier, more accessible place to live.

Elrom’s international subtitling facility is staffed by over 80 in-house professionals, dedicated to producing quality translations and subtitles. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Elrom’s Subtitling Department has grown with its clients’ demands and is able to offer specialized services catered to each customer’s subtitling and translation needs.

Elrom Studios is a global provider of media accessibility services. With our strong international presence and strategic locations, Elrom is able to provide convenient subtitling, dubbing and close-captioning services to a wide variety of leading TV, film and corporate customers. Our expertise in electronic media and information systems allows for fluid receipt and delivery of media and quick turnover times for each project, regardless of a client’s location.

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