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As a full service provider zweiB offers not only the rental of digital cinema equipment but also the mastering of DCPs.

To ensure maximum flexibility, DCPs are created on the Clipster from DVS. A check in our in-house cinema, which is equipped with a Christie CP2210, a doremi DCP-2K4 and a 5.1 sound system ensures uncompromising quality.

In addition, zweiB offers the production of DCP copies and KDMs for cinema distribution.

The services include:

  • DCP mastering from DCDM files (Digital Cinema Initiative Distribution Master)
  • DCP mastering from tape formats (for example, HDCAM SR)
  • DCP mastering from file formats (eg Quicktime ProRes or TIFF sequences)
  • up to 4K resolution
  • full 3D support
  • Inserting titles, apply sound and subtitles to existing DCPs
  • Creation of unencrypted and encrypted DCPs
  • Quality check on Christie CP2210 Digital Cinema projector
  • Test on cinema servers from Doremi, Dolby and Qube
  • Copying of DCPs on professional CRU Drives and Shipping
  • Generating KDMs and sending by email
  • Provision of trailer and teaser DCPs on the ARRI Digital Cinema Distribution Portal
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