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Elrom Studios is currently the largest and leading company in Israel in the realm of subtitle production for all types of digital media, dubbing in a wide range of languages and soundtrack editing.
How it began…
Elrom Studios is founded. The studio’s original objective was to print titles for 16 mm films, utilizing a manual chemical process.
Subtitles first printed on 35 mm film.
The Video Department is opened, providing translations and subtitle imprints for television stations.
The studio begins utilizing laser technology to print cinematic films.
Acquisition of the “Ulpaneto” recording studio, owner of dubbing and sound studios for cinematic film and television, in order to enhance the array of services provided by Elrom Studios.
Localization of computer games, translation, sound and software.
Elrom Studios is chosen as the leading provider for the “Yes” satellite television network.
Development of the Elrom software begins to provide tools in the realm of subtitling and video files (Elrom Toolbox). 
The company opens a US branch in New York City. This branch focuses on providing closed captioning for the hearing impaired to the American market as well as translation services for subtitles and transcription.
Elrom Studios currently employs over 70 full-time employees worldwide. The company also employs dozens of the foremost translators and actors, as required.
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