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Elrom Studios specializes in highest quality translation and subtitle printing in a wide array of languages.
When you combine 25 years of translation and transcription experience, a team of fluent expert translators, exclusive proprietary software, and an unwavering, uncompromising dedication to quality, you have a company that is able to tailor service anywhere and meet any customer's unique requirements.
Our subtitling services include subtitles for cinematic films, 35 mm film, DVD and television broadcasts, including series, films, video clips and documentaries.
We also provide, through our New York branch office, closed captioning for the deaf and hearing impaired, as per American regulations.
Printing Subtitles – A Professional Process from A to Z
Elrom’s Subtitling Department produces hundreds of broadcast hours each month in an array of languages.
We have developed a unique 4-stage process in order to ensure that every viewer in every language will enjoy a full viewing experience which is identical to the spirit of the original and to the creator’s intent:
Stage 1: The Translation
Our translation team includes dozens of translators with tremendous experience in an array of languages and who possess a wide range of knowledge, from science programs through sports broadcasts to music video clips.
Each translator receives the film or program slated for translation as a digital file via the internet. The translator produces the translated subtitles within Elrom’s translation software, developed in response to our subtitle translation and transliteration needs.
All the translations are executed by local translators who are experts at understanding the subtitles of the origin language and their translation into the target language in order to make sure that viewers receive the complete meaning.
In cases involving unique languages requiring specific knowledge of local dialects or professional terminology, we are assisted by additional advisors to ensure that the translation is true to the original.
Subtitling services are provided in: Hebrew, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Baltic languages and Indian.
We also provide bilingual translations in two languages simultaneously, such as Hebrew/Arabic, English/Spanish, etc.
Once the translation work is complete, the entire text is edited.
Stage 2: Linguistic Editing
Linguistic editing is carried out by experienced editors at modern work stations utilizing the most advanced software.
During this stage, the target language text is linguistically proofread and the language level is checked to ensure its suitability for the target audience.
In order to verify slang, song lyrics, medical terminology or scientific terms, and to ensure they sound right and are spelled correctly, all material is meticulously researched.
Stage 3: Timing
Once the subtitles are edited and properly placed, a time code is allotted to each subtitle block. These time codes allow the editors to make sure the subtitles are perfectly timed to the speakers’ speech pace, that viewers are given enough time to read them and that they are properly broadcast from the technical aspect.
The subtitle editors, who speak both the origin and target languages, serve as an additional quality control check point for the translation.
Stage 4: Quality Control
Once subtitle editing is complete, the subtitle editor thoroughly proofreads the subtitles once again to ensure the precise placement of each subtitle to identify any inaccuracies and to correct any final errors.
Once the proofreading has been completed, as a last step prior to transferring the project to the customer, our quality-control team goes over the entire file again to make sure not a single detail has slipped through the cracks.
This step is extremely important. Spelling or heard mistakes make the difference between a full, stirring viewing experience and one fraught with frustration, as well as being harmful to the customer’s reputation.
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