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The fact that many children are convinced that Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and many other characters are native Hebrew speakers is the best testimony to the high-quality work done by the Elrom Studios Dubbing Production Department.
Today, in the multi-channel and multi-cultural era, films and television enjoy broad international exposure. More and more audiences, people of all ages, seek an authentic viewing experience that fully portrays the original intent of the creator and the spirit of the film.
Thus, there is increasing demand for dubbed content that does not require  subtitles while viewing.
The Dubbing Department Sets the Tone
In order to produce a perfect result, one that reflects the spirit of the original film, the dubbing process begins with translation into the target language. Translation for dubbing is a complex process that requires matching the text in the target language to the lip movements of the original language.
In the second stage of the process, the best theater and film actors in Israel are cast in roles according to the characters’ personalities, ages, and the required vocal range.
In the next stage, the dubbing director studies the original performance carefully, coaches the actors and conducts rehearsals until the voice adaptation fully reflects the original production.
In the final stage, the recording technicians and post production editors create a professional dubbed version in Elrom’s recording studio, one that is perfectly synchronized with the viewed image and vocal effects.
The result is a fascinating, realistic and delightful viewing experience.
Our Dubbing Department has vast experience that includes dubbing films with human actors, television shows and home videos in a wide range of genres, full- length animated films, multimedia discs, interactive games and internet presentations.
Dubbing that Speaks to Everyone
The Dubbing Department, in collaboration with the Translation Department and actors who speak the dubbed language at mother-tongue level, produces dubbed versions in diverse target languages, with the main target languages being Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and English.
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